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Types of Massage

    • Medically Necessary Massage: If you have patients with musculoskeletal pain caused by an accident or surgery, consider the fact that neuromuscular therapy stops the pain cycle and increases range of motion. Service includes:
      • Subjective Complaints & Objective Complaints
      • Visual ExaminationDSCF0565
      • Assessment
      • Range of Motion Testing
      • Functional Outcome
      • Palpatory Examination
      • Plan and Goals
    • Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massage is often confused with deep pressure massage. Deep pressure massage means a constant, strong pressure throughout the session. Deep tissue massage can indeed have a significant amount of pressure behind certain techniques but deep tissue always has a goal. It is used on ailments like chronic pain, recovery from injuries, limited mobility, postural problems and muscle tension or spasm, among others
    • Myofascial Release To understand this brand of therapy it is important to know what the fascia is. The fascia is the outer layer of the Myofascia which covers the muscles but is under the skin. This treatment is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.
    • Trigger Point Therapy If you have ever massaged a person or been massaged yourself then you have probably located “trigger points.” They are often painful spots where muscles seem to be clumped together in a tight ball. Donna specializes in neuromuscular therapy which reveals and relaxes trigger points. People who have been in motor vehicle accidents often carry trigger points. This causes much pain & tenderness, headaches, and arms often tingle. People who work on computers can also develop trigger points. Releasing the trigger points will take away the tension and relieve the pain.
    • Swedish or Relaxation Massage Swedish massage is what most people mean when they use the general term massage. It is one of the most relaxing types of massage to receive as it works over the whole body. The general techniques are gliding, kneading, tapping, and vibrating or shaking; used on different muscles in the body depending on the desired result.
    • Sports Massage Sports massage, as the name suggests, is a therapy designed for high activity people. Depending on the sport you will be playing there are different areas to treat both pregame and postgame.
    • Prenatal Massage The weight of carrying your most precious cargo can be stressful on your muscles; let Donna’s Massage Therapy take care of you while you take care of your child. Expecting women go through a variety of different muscle issues due to the extra weight they carry. Back pain, leg pain, sore feet and muscle cramps are all standard issues for mothers to be and constant strain can lead to stress which is bad for the baby.
    • Postpartum Massage Please give Donna a call if you find you’re overwhelmed. New mothers need downtime, nourishing and healing strokes to speed healing. Sleepy babies are welcome.
    • Detoxification Program Lymph is the fluid in your body which transports fat, returns protein to the circulatory system and is an important part of fending of bacterial diseases. The lymphatic system runs through the body much as the circulatory system does and brings lymph into the blood and muscles.
    • Foot Massage Wonderful deep relaxation for the feet. Scrubs & Body Butter included.
    • Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese style of massage therapy that shares similarities with acupressure which is not surprising as the translation of shiatsu is ‘finger pressure’. Shiatsu practitioners have their own unique style of massage to break down energy blockages in the body and bring energy to areas where energy is deficient. Incorporating a variety of stretches into their manipulations to promote proper health and well-being in clients, shiatsu is a full body experience.
    • Shiatsu for Structural Dysfunction:Is a full body general treatment designed to detoxify & relax the major muscle groups of the body. This practical application is done by applying pressure to specific acupoints in a sequential order on the belly, medial & lateral borders of the primary muscles. This application can be as long as 90 minutes and as short as 50 minutes. The abdomen is excluded in this treatment so there is no chance of causing or exacerbating a pathological condition that would be contraindicated for this treatment. Depending on the speed and the intensity of this full body treatment, the outcome can be sedative or stimulating. After completing his full body treatment the client experiences a general full body euphoria & complete relaxation. Commonly used to endorse relaxation and diminish issues such as stress, muscle pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression, shiatsu is a holistic approach to wellness. The mind has a direct effect on the stresses and strains of the body; to neglect this understanding may lead to a superficial healing process.

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that originates in Ancient China and is widely used throughout the world today. The basic principles of this practice are inserting very thin needles into pressure points throughout the body to relieve muscle tension, stress, and can aide greatly in healing muscle trauma. It is also used in the treatment of chronic pain, neurological problems, stroke rehabilitation and post surgical recovery. Donna’s Massage Therapy offers acupuncture services to our patients either on its own or as a part of a larger therapeutic plan. This in combination with our full range of physiotherapy services offers our patients a wide range of options based on their comfort level and their needs.

The ancient art of acupressure is a 5000 year old tradition originating in Asia. The idea behind the technique is that there are points on the body which can be activated to promote healing. These points are found on every part of the body and can be used to:

      • Boost the Immune System
      • Release Tension
      • Increase Circulation
      • Relieve Stress


Tui Na
The practitioner of the art uses range of motion, traction, and massage, with the stimulation of acupressure points. Clients regularly see a Tui na master to alleviate chronic pain, musculoskeletal conditions and digestive problems related to stress.


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