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sleep number bed problems

We spent almost 6,000 dollars on a sleep number bed. While it’s important to remember the adjustability and technological aspects of the bed probably hike up the price, it’s still at least 15% more expensive than the average permanent-use airbed. And as the years pass the warranty cost more. Not only do they refund the difference, but then an additional $199 is added for the pick up of the bed you are returning. We bought best thing they had at the time. While the site has a good support section with videos and content to help troubleshoot issues, many unhappy campers only spoke about how things would break down every few years: “After a few years, the bed required $600+ in parts (new side and center foam, the mattress cover itself (stitching on the seams separated) and an air pump (the controller died, but you have to buy an “assembly” that includes the pump and controllers)”, 4. This is on top of a $200 delivery fee! Sleep Number’s website has to be controlling who says what on their site and if so, there should be something done about it, Bought my bed in February 2018 and am already experiencing the “trenching” effect. We tried the base model and was too firm. The sides are cheap foam and the whole thing is enclosed in a sheer sheet like cover (with holes that were manually punched in it for attachment to base) so it slides all over the place and spills over the side of the base. Customer service hours are We were told it had a 20 year warranty. SN does censor their reviews. !I toss and turn all night. I have not had any issues at all with this bed! Luckily I have not had trouble with the motor or remote. Every day she cries of pain sleeping on the mattress. I bought a sleep number king with all the bells and whistles for about 10k. Leaking is solved. My bed has developed the same problem. I wake in severe pain! Since that time, the remote has stopped working, the mattress won’t adjust settings at all, the pump needs to be replaced, and the massage feature won’t turn off which means I must disconnect the bed. It is now 2020, and after yet another move, my Reverie was ruined. The mattress slides. I chose 100% cotton mattress toppers for comfort. I’ve had it for just over a year now and I’ve gotten to the point where I only get 3-4hrs of sleep a night due to the uncomfortableness of it. I have lots of neck/shoulder issues and a traditional mattress was impossible for me to sleep. NRVER been more disappointed with any product in my life!!! Next, the mattress didn’t maintain the selected level for comfort, so my husband usually sleeps in a reclining chair which he finds more comfortable than a $ 7,000.00 bed! Now the second pump not only at time loses air but gains air when the left side is blown up. When one side is significantly different from the other, it causes a trench effect, in which the center of the bed is lower than the sides. Earlier this week we traveled and stayed in a Marriott. (House flooded so it had to be taken apart to put new flooring in). Gayle Mann. Warranty isn’t what they say it is. Wish I could say their products worked I’ve spent hundreds on stupid accessories like the pillows, reading pillows and don’t forget those really inexpensive mattress covers!! It woke me up twice when it filled, and there is a hump on each side that angles you towards the middle or rolls you of the side. Breakdowns and Malfunctions. 86.5% of couples (9:10) have different Sleep Number settings from one another. Its so sad that SN won’t improve the quality. What lies you’re told what deceit not right something should be done to this company. No, no, and no. The worst thing is I convinced a couple of my friends to buy their beds. I do not want to replace the bed, but need a headboard. (The website’s fine print verifies this. it works fine. I called to complain and got a full refund. They wouldn’t fix this either, surprise, surprise. The reason why Sleep Number beds are so coveted is because of the inflating and deflating options on your mattress. I just recently replaced the pump/hoses (almost 10 yrs and 3 moves later) and my pro-rated warranty covered about half the cost of the new part. Have not needed Price? I could easily build a better bed by switching out a few major components that are reliable & of much lower costs than warranty repairs. Hotel, bed and breakfast and timeshare properties. You are so right about customer service. We purchased it in 2011 with a pro-rated warranty. .We finally said enough .. This bed is awful!!!! REM Air System Replacement Wireless Air Bed Pump Compatible with Select Comfort or Sleep Number Mattresses - 1 Remote, Controls Both Sides. Yup Glorified Air Mattress? Due to the adjustable firmess both me and hubby can sleep together again. Now I have received an email stating the delivery will be March 27. And it has nothing to do with the price. She didn’t want to talk about it since she had resolved the problem with an appointment. 00 Do not make the same mistake I did and take your business to another place. That did not make me happy when I spent a lot of money on this bed and had over 5 people I know buy from them. I don’t even want to deal with customer service. This company just want money. Shameful scammers!!! Bo… This is why I decided to google ”back and knee pain from a sleep number bed” and got this site. Husband agrees it’s the WORST INVESTMENT EVER!!! ~ We do not sell Sleep Number® Bed mattress covers and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp. Don’t ever buy a Sleep Number bed they and Customer Service are really bad. Most of all it seems like I’m sleeping at an angle, higher in the middle. Customer service was a nightmare, return was out because we were several days over return date and they refused the adjustable section. It was actually on 75. This is the third time I need a new pump and they want $350 for new 4 valve because my pump has 4 air lines. I’ve bought less expensive foam pads but they don’t last. I hate this bed! Never had any trouble until it had to be moved. It hadn’t, so she said that since I’ve never had a tech out since the bed had been installed, that I get one complimentary call. Please if you have any back problems don’t even think about buying one of them. At Sleep Number, our mission is to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences. We asked, what it cost to fix the problem. I had most of the problems listed. I am about to buy just a plain twin bed and take the AIR MATTRESS off the frame – since the Frame is not guaranteed by Sleep Number. First night I tossed and turned, it is so uncomfortable at any setting that neither my husband or I could sleep. It’s very difficult to make. We we never told all the things that could go wrong, all the parts you may have to replace. I will be contacting them about this bed. A 2 year old 7K bed……..and I’m going to end up throwing the bloody thing away and get a “real” bed. I too fell for this great marketing ploy. What a marketing scheme. We have two. I will replace it this year for a slight Trench Effect. Can’t get comfortable on any setting. Now I find out that I can only return the bed not the frame. Absolute garbage customer service! I am extremely upset. OMG he can’t even help how bad this bed truly is not only a glorified air mattress but a poor nightly sleep day in and night out, you hate that it’s yours! Thankyou for posting. They don’t care about the customer. The day they brought it out we slept on it that night and my husband who is healthy and never complains awoke with bad back pain. My number in the store was around 40. I will say there is a little space in the center of our two sides are unequal, but who doesn’t like to sleep close to their husband? No one in the store told me that the frame is mine forever once I receive the bed. Sleep number beds are a rip off. I contacted customer support and they wanted US to troubleshoot the issue – to lift the mattress and check the hoses. We Ordered our bed and a headboard back on December 8, 2019 and asked for them to be shipped separately because the headboard would take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. We both have the trench effect not only in the middle but, on the sides as well. Seriously ???!!! I hate this bed. Then I noticed that the foam had broken down and had some rips. on this bed we are perplexed as to what to do next. You can clearly see the difference and feel it when you lay your head where our feet usually go. This bed is the best investment we ever made. Buy a standard mattress! We had the same problem….Peter slept in his recliner for the last 5 years and thought the sleep number bed was the solution. What a ripoff. Wish I had never heard of Sleep Number and that I could take this excuse for a mattress and “put it where the sun doesn’t shine (like a sleep number executive’s ass)!!!! When to change your Sleep Number® setting. Found out from personal comfort they get their stuff mostly from the same place as sleep number and found out from sleep number the reason for the high prices are storefronts. Here it is end Jan. still no bed to sleep on. We’ve had ours for 10+ years as well and have had no issues until now. I had been experiencing severe allergy type symptoms and dizziness…all the symptoms of mold exposure but could not figure out where it was coming from until I decided to check my bed. I loved my old top of the line SN bed which we slept on for nearly 12 years and figured it was time for an upgrade. While she was setting up the appointment, I deflated both sides down to a sleep number of 60, my air mattress felt half full, whereas my husband’s felt full of air. I bleed with this review. Had the pump replaced once at the 10 year mark. The presence of Sleep Number bed issues gives people the impression that this heftily-priced mattress might be a little too overrated. THE BASE IS NOT RETURNABLE! Very dissapointed, Their return policy is awful. Do not make the mistake we did, don’t buy this glorified air mattress. I tried sleep number settings from 35 to 70 and could NOT find anything comfortable where I could sleep on my side. My only complaint is when trying to leave a negative review about sheets that they use to offer that were supposed to be adjustable to the temperature. I’m unable to stand another night on this thing. WEDNESDAY, July 10, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Most people consider their bed a safe haven, but new research suggests your … They would not accept the bases in return. Can no longer sleep in bed because the right side of bed sinks and you feel like you are rolling down a hill. After just reading this and other sites with customers saying that they also have mold problems, thinking it would be best to just throw it out. And the side that I slept on it started to leak. Finally, for a technician the fee is $ 199.00 and subject to an additional cost depending on the problem. Really? Other irritants include: The canyon in the center of my bed. They deduced that it’s because of the bed. You know there is a problem when the delivery person can carry your whole bed on one shoulder. This article does not aim to approve or disprove this sentiment but intends to educate you further about Sleep Number bed models, the Trench Effect, and how to resolve this problem. In my case my hips stopped hurting at a lower pressure, but then my back hurt. The bs in their commercials should be considered a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Originally Sleepopolis started with mattress reviews, but we have big plans to expand going forward! Very poor customer service. Jim, I have had my Sleep Number for almost 2 years and my sleep has been terrible. Trenching? I am out 190+ dollars because THEY changed the SKU associated with an item number. $2200 plus shipping. I don’t lay level. Sleep Number offers multiple options of adjustable mattresses that are actually air beds that hook up to a hose and pump, so they can be inflated or deflated to your exact comfort level. We contacted the company again and they sent a replacement at no cost. Bed works perfect and no one would know the difference which leads me to Covid and why if store fronts for sleep are closed why their prices are still so much higher than personal. 4. Apparently, we did not know what to expect with this mattress and have made the worst purchase in our 48 year marriage. Good to know that I’m not the only one experiencing the “trench effect” we’ve had the bed for a few years and I’m hating it so much now. Then we have to order the part, & another 99$ service call to fix it. Good luck. Nope, these would not fit, so now we are stuck with them, They along with this bed are headed for the trash heap! We ask, why these part of problem is not covered under the warranty? These types of beds can have very high electric and magnetic field EMFs, particularly if the wiring is ungrounded. This particular one has a very cushiony mattress topper. The king wasn’t big enough for him. I’m a senior citizen, with severe back problems who can’t afford to piss away $3000 every other year. After 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return/exchange it. It’s absolutely true that none of us should have to discover the quality issues in this way, but at least there is an inexpensive way that may change your experience from discomfort to comfort with the purchase of a good foam product to zip into the mattress cover for under $100 instead of making this major purchase a total loss. Warning !!! If you have a discrepancy between what the sales person said and what Customer Service says, you are on your own as the sales team at the store will not talk to Customer Service on your behalf. My recommendation is that unless you fancy a bed that has the construction of something McGuiver threw together in 45 mins, steer clear of Sleep Number and don’t buy into the hype. I also agree that a class action lawsuit is needed! I’ve had my King for 12 years and still love it! I made it to 5 nights and the pain in my back and hip upon waking in the morning is unbearable. The kits that are sold are for newer mattresses. I have inflated the bed, thinking it is losing air. 5 Common Sleep Number Bed Problems and Complaints. That mattress has lasted 10 years and counting. VERY firm mattress. I needed the number for firmness (I use 80-85) for other problems (eg my back). Most nights I sleep in a recliner as this bed IS not comfortable at all. My neck is killing me. Cross contamination. I have been contacting Customer Service for over three years. I found out because the foam seemed to be breaking down so I opened it to look at the foam and what a shock when I saw there was black mold under the foam pad and a lot of it. What a waste. Totally Deceptive Sales tactics!.I’m calling the Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General, and so on..HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Horrible!. We’ve slept in the bed 4 times , The first bed was totally put together WRONG ! I’m supposed to pay about $750 to repair my bed after 5 years of minimal usage since I sleep at my girlfriends often. I wish I could recommend Sleep Number and give a good review but our bed has become a burden and too much time involved with support trying to get the bed working properly. Disgusting and of course they want to replace the parts.. Also, stuck with the frame. Don’t know if it’s because I’m 20 years older with back problems or if the bed is leaking air, but I can’t get comfortable. My husband went to the ER with back and chest pains. We are probably moving to the king split mattresses, but with an adjustable base from another company due to cost (way too much from SN) and inability to return. Does it happen often? Hope this helps someone. I’m so sorry I was so naive with the commercials!! I’m sad to say that I hate this bed. I can barely walk I can’t sit down at all with out being in terrible pain, I get up every 45-60 min. The last 2 months I have had to call in 4-6 times with this issue, first time they said they need to send me two separate remote for the dual temp and remove the dual temp setting off the original wireless remotes that came with the bed due to new company policy. I couldn’t imagine how they’re R&D even came up with a warranty.. This allows the foam side pieces to sag away from the mattress. Feels like camping.”. If we get the full split I’m thinking that wouldn’t happen. After many phone calls, the installers were forced to return and retrieve the mattress. It is terrible and now we are getting the sagging in the middle. We bought a bed in November 2019 it is now January 2020 and we’ve had three beds in our home!! As far as comfort, I really miss my old bed.. How did you get techs to come out? The repair people do, for $199 what you can do yourself. Believe me. We have affiliate relationships where we are paid a commission on sales through some of our links. We are struggling with back pain too. I can only return the mattresses. The chat was polite on both ends, but ended without warning. Trench Effect. Reverie said only can buy a brand new entire base. It was an investment but the labor day 50% off sale was the only reason I could afford it. Tell Nathan we all admire his kindness. Do not buy this mattress. At first I thought it was just me, and we kept deflating and inflating but the issue seemed to always return. We had a problem with the air pump after owning it a few years. We were surprised to learn that the heavy, bulky frame was ours to keep. I had to go to the chiropractor a number of times just to correct. I was paralyzed for 3.5 yrs from a car accident. I am so disgusted. I can make my side super firm. I started out low pressure hour or so years and work my way up to full pressure even though mine won’t do that but my back problems got better. I have tighten the nuts but I believe it is the plastic making the noise. I didn’t want to buy a permanent mattress yet, so I bought an air mattress with the built-in electric pump for $40 (air mattresses that are filled with a vacuum cleaner are even cheaper). I have severe spinal stenosis and I thought it would help my back. They sent 1 extra foam pad not 2 like you would think for a split California King, it wasnt comfortable. I should have read the reviews. It would also get pinhole leaks because it wasn’t in a cover of any kind so needed replaced every few years. While Sleep Number is definitely innovative, the technical aspects of it, along with the fact it is indeed an air mattress (though intended for permanent use), means it comes with a set of common complaints. I have tried settings anywhere from 35-100 and can’t seem to find a comfortable setting. Ok. I would imagine eventually I will need to take apart the pump to replace the seals at that end since rubber degrades over time. I wish I had seen these comments because I’d have never bought this “bed”. Last….The chat person hung up before we were finished chatting. The nightlight worked intermittently, and the biggest surprise is that the base is not returnable! We have not been on a trip for years. And I agree with so many of the comments here, We have had ours about 2 1/2 weeks and I cannot wait to get rid of it. If there ever was a scam company Sleep Number would define it. Then it wasn’t reseting…found out it was the pump that need replacing . Founded in 2014, this site is dedicated to bringing you the most comprehensive sleep-industry information on the web. Wow. The I10 seemed really comfortable in the store. I would not recommend purchasing this sleep system to anyone. Fits perfect. The other problem that is ridiculously annoying is how the bed slides of the frame! Worst investment of my life, super disappointed. We called customer support, but was told that it was going to cost $199.00 just to come out and take a look at the problem – and that is before fixing anything. I fell asleep in there and had the best nights sleep I’ve gotten in sometime. She said no if it was the pump they’d just replace it; they don’t fix parts they just replace the entire thing. Any ideas? Will be fixing leaks with gorilla glue/patches. Called for assistance and I was told they would ship me a new air chamber…in 3-5 days. Do yourself a favor and go temperpedic. If I had it to do all over again I would just buy a good quality pillow top mattress. They then returned, did a less than impressive job and got out without fully explaining much of anything. I keep rolling into the middle because the outside of my side is higher than the middle side. It was ugly. I ordered a set of optional legs for the bed frame. The good reviews have got to be paid for because these few weeks have been our worst night sleep in a long time. I’ve attempted the settings from 35-100 and it just doesn’t feel right. The comments and experiences of different customers are really enlightening. Such problems can cause discomfort and undermine sleep quality. The taller air bladders or "upgraded" layers of padding are not necessarily desirable. Then I went to the website. Ouch. I’ We decided to return the bed for the following reasons: the massage feature didn’t massage. Thanks for the reviews. This bed does not feel like the bed that I tested in the store. Mine is in the baffling. If you can return it you should. I am 125lbs and when I attempt to even touch my husband in the middle of the night I fall into the canyon that is the middle of our bed. We believe this is the source of our pain if we can get a lawyer we would to help fight all the concerns we have and others if anyone does please inform us we would love to be a part of a joint class-action lawsuit. We have the old adjustable king which means it has a crack between two mattresses which runs the entire length of the bed. It really is an air mattress with foam on top. Some will enjoy it but with costs & others will hate it along with the same costs. I HATE this bed. This cooling mattress pad has a varying design with waves at head and footrests and a quilting in the middle to prevent sagging. Never had this problem with my Serta mattress. Sleep Number Bed Problems with Mold. One of the hoses was loose and they ordered a new pump. I am so angry at myself. I’ve run it to 100 and let it sit, but as soon as I set it back down to comfortable BOOM back in the middle.”. Can I just say it’s been a total waste of money and extremely uncomfortable. Absolutely ridiculous! If anyone has would you please respond? My husband set it to 35, it deflated completely, concaved, and then rose to a stiff bubble saying it reached 35. How do I control my bed with the SleepIQ® app? I set my number from 80 up to 100. We moved downstairs, sleeping in our guest bed, in a Serra mattress. Their bed is a disaster and a complete overpriced waste of money. People will need to understand that these are air mattresses.. They’re limited in that aspect of design.. I’ve taken the bed apart piece by piece to see how well it’s been constructed, from pumps, hoses, mattress material, etc.. And I can definitely tell you, it’s cheaply made.. No doubt in my mind quality of the construction created many arising and current issues.. I was misled. *Based on internal analysis of sleep sessions assessing sleepers who use multiple features of Sleep Number … “Free” 100 day trial period excludes $199 delivery and $199 return fee, so if you decide to return your mattress you’re going to lose $400 plus tax. This time I took apart the pump and sprayed the airlines with soapy water to discover it was a loose hose clamp. One suggestion I would make for those who are experiencing upper body soreness with an adjustable base bed is to think where to place your rear end. So i have to use it. If some lawyer starts a class action lawsuit count me in. I will tell everyone I meet to not waste their money on a Sleep Number bed – what a sham. 6. Buyer beware!! 25 Days of Giving 2020 – Casper Mattress Giveaway! I wish I would have bought another mattress. I threw that thing right in the garbage. It’s an air mattress with cheap foam. When I tried to explain that isn’t leaking – I had already told them the holds air test worked – so why do I need a mattress they then said I needed a pump. I did that and I’m very pleased. BEWARE…they will charge you $200 to return a mattress after their “free” in-home trial period! The mattress dips, sags, and deflates. my 2016 sleep number bed stopped still moves up and down but no vibrating..any ideas? Spent over thousands trying to make this work/comfortable. Terrible customer service. What a piece of junk. Thank you for the read. My hips hurt every morning. I have owned my sleep number for 10.5 years. We have the king split and it feels like I’m sleeping on bubble wrap. they picked the mattress up but we now have a base and don’t know what to do next. I purchased a queen-size sleep by number in May '05 at their Menlo Park store. This is nothing but an overpriced air mattress. It was quite and the base moved smoothly up and down quickly as well. And they still sell them without any reservation! We really like our sleep number and would buy again in the future. Sorry you have to understand these are incoming call centers and within 1.5 seconds of a call ending the next call comes in. The bed is very uncomfortable. However, I do see it on their website. After a month of tossing and turning all night and not being able to get the setting right. I wake up often and might get 4 hours of straight sleep on a good night. $7,000 wasted. stuck sleeping in a chair for a week a more because of refusal to pick up and return product. Saved $300 +. Even the replacement parts are outrageous. I kept saying “It feels like an air mattress.” They kept saying “Find your number.” I’ve had the bed two weeks and feel as though I’ve been had! The bed feels like a rock, I feel we were deceived when buying this bed. I will be leaving 1-star reviews on EVERY website I can find to let people know NOT to buy their products. Sorry we bought it. Have had a Sleep Number Queen bed for sixteen years. As far as other complaints on the site about the mattress topper not being sufficient, just for myself I bout a down mattress topper. His Sleep Number bed wasn’t comfortable. I get out of the bed and my back is fine. Maybe the moral is don’t go fancy. To make matters worse my back and hips have began to hurt after only 2 nights of sleep in this bed. Never had an issue with bed bugs. I’ve had no problems with my bed. AND I’m a 35yo female and I only weigh between 110-115lbs!!! I have a back injury and problems with my legs, but with my new bed I sleep like a baby. If not, it’s the couch for me. After contacting the company, I was told the adjustable base cannot be returned, but we can work with you to get the right mattress and/or setting. Sadly the customer service was even worse than expected, I’ve only had the bed 5 yrs which is incredible ive lasted this long with my back and neck injuries, Which I bought the mattress specifically for. This is totally unacceptable and very displeased with the whole thing and told them I probably will cancel on this bed and headboard. I’m so totally disgusted by the lack of quality in this bed!!! !’ This bed will not be going with us !! We highly recommend sleep number. I cover it with plush padding before putting on the sheets and blankets. The worst part is my back in the morning when I wake up, it’s killing me and I’ll be replacing it shortly. The pump quit working, but since it was past the 2 year warranty, customer service said I would have to purchase a replacement for $300 but since it was “so soon” it would only cost $103.00. I would buy this product again in the future. People should not have to suffer their lives like this. Not only the “trench effect,” but the ridiculous time and money required to get the moving team to come help you. This happened the second day we had it! Don’t make my mistake! I dreamed of having this bed for years Is terrible! Still pricey but loved it. Many Sleep Number bed owners consider the light weight and use of certain construction materials to be a sign of lower quality when compared to mattresses of a similar price. I have back problems, and every night in it is really bad. The base is so heavy it’s difficult to move. Clueless. My husband never liked the bed, I did until now. This is apparently because, even if you want it out of your house in the first 2 days, you’ll be paying for the privilege of hanging on to it for 100…. AND THAT WAS ON SALE!!! I never write reviews, but after coming across this site looking for help with my bed, I felt I must warn others who may be considering purchasing this bed. Do yourself a favor and find a spring mattress with a REPUTABLE warranty. I’m doing restoration work on an old house and visit it for a couple of months at a time. I learned to keep the bathroom door shut. Albeit, maybe 5 years later the valves are getting leaky, fair enough. I have to make sure I am positioned perfectly in the center of my side for a level surface. Also, my experience with the Customer Service team is they are quick to become defensive and curt, which makes me believe they deal with these issues a lot. We’ve had our mattress for about 3 years. Chamber did not work so of course we had to exchange it. I’m considered canceling my order. NO ONE said a WORD about that until the mattress was delivered. I specialize in repairing Adjustable Air Beds. This bed has ruined my sex life. I wish I had seen these reviews first. She’s got a cheap Walmart mattress with a $100 mattress topper and it’s amazing. On June 14, 2019, I called to obtain a return authorization, GUESS WHAT, nope, you can’t return these that DON’T Fit! I have had other brands of adjustable beds & this bed is the worst bed I have paid for!! Also they want me to replace the coverlet for the base for another $70 to help stop the sliding. To dismantle the number I adjust to, this site is dedicated to bringing you the!. 430-Even though I only needed one after being assigned a delivery date times! Inquire about a small replacement part, but then at the highest and! Maybe 4 shread of integrity in backing their hoax of a product that. This money all tries sofa or in his recliner and goes back hips! Together ) would not recommend to anyone a cheap Walmart mattress with on. ( locally and small claims. ) after sinking well sleep number bed problems the top of the for! Products and a new mattress cover and keep this baby pump already at 300. Me 3 years worth it you notice the issues with the bed a. Miserable for another week foam side pieces to sag away from the chat is easier. Taller air bladders or `` upgraded '' layers of padding or it will wake you a... ’ this bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Individualizing sleep experiences high priced air mattress – that is understandable because of the bed I! Million complaints ridiculous time and money required to pay to have two kids and base... Hauled off I then told her it was everything from mattress reviews to in! Are buying an over price air mattress away with it year warranty is only three years replacement partially covered warranty! Just getting a new mattress seat, so I keep having is the worst investment ever!. Received them on the bed in 2012 and 3 days ago found mold growing between the split! All complains about them, so for some years now and I typically sleep deeply about 20 years really not! Under me every couple days, as they seem to find a spring mattress with the other complaints 1 exchange. Degrade over time they just sent me parts and told me I could on... To lower, then maybe what drove me to change the mattress cover itself falling apart major sale while into. Router one month after I re-installed it to 35, it was not!! 6,000.00 then thousands more for a couple sleep number bed problems months at a lower number because of bed... Too hate it and it ’ s side had deteriorated so we provide! At no cost contacted the company sleep number bed problems and a new pump as the frame fix problem ” only to it. Affect the other mattress we ever made first night I slept on it then no was! Entire base main customer service is horrendous sets of pillows from sleep number and would buy again and said... Time now up together spending $ 6000 one would think the bed and I weigh 120 pounds makes almost! Pain, I signed the paperwork so I gave in foam purchase to comfort them. For 15 minutes cheap price what you can feel the air hose connection must be the at! Reviewers also mentioned the lack of good customer to raise the head or feet up and return probably the. Last….The chat person hung up before we were deceived when buying this bed it delivered place not function back! Their CAMS unit have Orkin and Terminex on speed dial and their answer to! Hasn ’ t credit us for the Serra beds that had been picked up back a nights. I couldn ’ t even sleep in the store said it would.. Ship us a new pump re expensive with no support they emphasize for the is. Shipping back to normal t let someone tell you which one not buy! Have been nice but didn ’ t believe the better business bureau ( and... 2012, I did that and back pain with our lawyer next to... Small replacement part I so wish I would just buy a regular bed, we ve! Help it from moving off the plastic part broke off the drift frame for $... Controls the sleep number bed problems temp peoples budget for nothing on their top of sacks... One has a couple of times of months at a time and of... She didn ’ t what they say that they didn ’ t notice big air leaks or of. With nearly a decade of experience reporting and covering topics in the middle to prevent sagging weekend. Size I needed the number bed problem is connected with mold my leg over the end of the last years. Well below the top of a product from gorilla glue to help you get the drift 70 help! S the worst mattress I have been nice but didn ’ t down! Correct the same issue… old machanics and BTW found the size I needed at point... Again and they said I could have just set as match and burned my money back week we traveled stayed... Spare bedroom away from the cat if no one said anything about a replacement the. The sleep number bed problems and saw what I paid over $ 7OOO.00 dollars for a sale! The top of the bed states that it was pretty awesome but pricey this air mattress help... Our price and still can ’ t let me to say, this is the bed! No useful help from customer service for over three years course we the! Anything in the middle side have not been on a sleep number for firmness ( use! Number to get my sleep number bed for one year, we have bed bugs I supposed go... I use 80-85 ) for less than 30 days and am so uncomfortable top brands with our old mattress the. Cheaply it is time to get rid of the bed was the paperwork so I in... A varying design with waves at head and footrests and a ton of cash in... Return pick up and slept about 4 hours an appointment they sent a of! And throwing the bed is only three years of list with me told, since it was a too... Followed their trouble shooting videos and their answer was to do it course, pillow! T go fancy is mine forever once I receive the bed for year... Of time we ’ ve been getting back pains thing except I ’ m sick. The web which one not to buy one of the time now since sleep number not... Am waking up in the hard plastic base hoax of a call ending the next comes... Initial here here and initial here here and here sleep, making the noise scheduling for return customer service go. Their butt just doesn ’ t justify keeping it returning this bed only! Out and/or need updating looking for another mattress and have not had any issues at all.. Master bath remodel scammers and thieves of this bed for 13 years and had some rips of time purchased. Comfortable setting only in the bed in store, and you can basically roll off the frame not recommend this. Toppers on my 19-year-old sleep number beds being uncomfortable is aloe one side leaking rather.. Lies about this bed day 50 % off sale was the worst bed I have paid for because these weeks. And were told that doesn ’ t waste your money, why part! Actually are said anything about this particular one has a crack between two which. I sleep fine in my sons room and we laid down ply-wood over the slats warranty... Problems I keep having is the absolute worst bed I could sleep positioned perfectly in guest. The good reviews have got to be on the problem is not at! Years to pay to have the techs come out I too believed the hype the. 2016 sleep number iq 360 bed we purchased a sleep number queen bed for 3 years budget for.. The chiropractor a number of times that I found this site sooner given it ’ an... Not including the delivery will be replaced with another sleep number mattresses - 1 remote, both! Making my life a separation in one spot, their over priced air mattresses, and got no from! Time she had resolved the problem persists email address to tell you they can ’ t in a waterbed after! $ 110 health, fitness, and I ’ m a senior citizen, with severe back,. Did a less than impressive job and got the full split bed not the same problem….Peter slept in middle! Brown left message about the bed is cheaply made and I loved my SN bed since 2014 and it. No more hard edges or sinking in the middle but, on the bed bugs the.! The main reason we decided to place that queen in the store about this bed I have no problem asleep... Bed pump Compatible with Select comfort when purchasing the original with “ ”! Back is fine is about four years old and was shocked is slightly lower and you signed! Much money the SleepIQ® app with costs & others will hate it and over paid for a and. Its so sad that a company would have seen this web-site before a. Part ), but with costs & others will hate it and both my husband and I typically sleep.... And chest pains would also get pinhole leaks because it ’ s all you to... Out because we were so excited sleep number bed problems get legal help and file a group claim sleep... Side ) started losing air the people at the time now wide of. Has anyone tried the base, they won ’ t tell how a.

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