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lorex 4k ultra hd

I give credit to Lorex because they actually do include paper templates which make it a snap to install the cameras. Very good quality and easy to install. The Lorex system was much easier to install. But that is a minor set-up issue. Picture Quality is great. I bought this 4KHDIP86 system as an upgrade from a LNR200 series. Can I upgrade my firm ware? It is my understanding and I have now proven that 100 foot seems to be the maximum distance before power loss will cause the IR not to work at night, a situation in which I found myself with 2 cameras. Overall I have very happy with the real time monitoring of the cameras with a PC. You can also program the app to send you motion-activated push notifications straight to your phone to keep you connected to your property at all times. These were purchased on Amazon for ~$98 each. This camera system has great quality, but the installation is somewhat difficult. I could immediately tell differences in the quality. Recording time when using 6 cameras at max resolution is 4 days with supplied HDD. We�ve had the system up and running for the last six months now and couldn�t be happier. Wiring was easy routing it around was hard due to my house design. The audio option works. I need a replacement NVR, the 4KHDIP86 NVR the input alarms went bad after two days of operations, and the Alarm/Motion want stay enable, I have sent three tickets to Lorex and haven't heard anything in 4 days, I can't sign in to the FIRK Secure, it keeps telling me that I have the wrong password, I have changed the password 2 times! I�m still trying to figure out all the settings. Good customer service every time I had a question. If I was to identify one area that I have had to closely look at and address, it is the amount of storage and use of that with 4K cameras. Un equipo fuerte y tambi�n buena Calidad de video HD tanto de d�a como de noche y lo calida de audio +++++. I want to in the near future get the PTZ Camera for over my garage. I have recommended these to family members as well, because of the current sale. Now in terms of the image quality, it is stunningly clear!! Now there are three of us in the culdesac that has the Lorex product. The 4k is in my opinion the best choice for the future. The "Color night vision" really works well, and for those situations where there isn't enough ambient light for color night vision the IR mode provides very good black and white detail. Quality is great! Picture quality is very good and night vision is not bad. 2. The cameras have been solid especially when you consider they have been operating in temperatures ranging from above +30 degrees to below -30 degrees and never missed a beat. The system works good and I was surprised at how clear the cameras are. This system features person/vehicle detection on 4 channels which helps reduce unnecessary alerts and false alarms from moving branches or animals. The cameras and NVR (supports up to 16 cameras, has room for 2nd HDD) are literally plug-and-play and work right out of the box, has tons of options for tweaking camera settings, schedule recording continuously or when motion is detected, or both. The only thing I hope is that Lorex includes a hardcopy printed manual with the NVR as there are many features that I am still learning, and I prefer to read from a manual book, though one can download a pdf manual from the product webpage. I would purchase the Lorex products over and over. I spent the next hour playing with it and the mobile app on my phone. Lorex Support is the best and helped solved all my issues with cameras initially and some were my fault The Internet access from from the Lorex Cloud for my apple iPhone, iMac, and Apple TV are amazing! In regular nighttime conditions that are too dark for CNV to render full-color images, this camera will use it's infrared LEDs to record crisp black and white video footage up to 150ft (46m) away and up to 98ft (30m) in complete darkness. For more information about current smart home integrations, visit our Smart Home Guide. Price Match Guarantee. They have replaced DVR with same model but issue not yet solved . I purchased Lorex 1080p surveillance camera system 5 years ago. It has great clarity and would recommend it to anyone. Fan on NVR is loud.. Good system but customer service is not good. See More. When mounting the cameras into wood pre-drill the holes before using the included mounting screws. I haven't tried using it directly, as the operation locally without a keyboard seems inadequate. Do an extra waterproofing job on exterior connections to save a potential camera loss! I cannot rate on reliability yet since I've only had this system running for a week. That is the only concern so far with the set up on this system. User manual does not entirely describe the "Search" function. After doing a LOT of research and waiting for the right deal to come along I pulled the trigger on this set. Nice system, great resolution, easy mobile app. The product arrived on time. They are pretty easy to set up once you get the wiring to run back to the NVR. The 4K cameras are excellent. The only downfall of this system which I didn't catch when purchasing was that you don't get the 30fps at full resolution. The app loaded easily and works from anywhere. I have tried this with three different monitors and four different HDMI cables and still I have the horizontal lines. Took me a little while to figure out where I wanted the camera's but with the 6 cameras was able to get good coverage around our house. The system came with 6 cameras. I am sure I will discover even more neat stuff as I continue to play with the system. My experience with Lorex systems and their tech support has been excellent. I have been calling them for days and days but their technical support team won't answer. The fix was to set my smtp server to gmail, for some reason the Lorex SMTP server was giving the wrong time. I even bought 2 more cameras to connect after installing the original set, given how well they perform. This 4K security camera system will be up and running in no time thanks to Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology. So far I didn't find any cons. Near objects are overexposed by the infrared lights. One thing common to these NVRs is a users manual that could be more informative and little better written. I m look for a security system that has the highest clarity with built in two way microphones. Ordering and shipping went perfect. What took me hours to set-up on Q-see, took me literally minutes with this system. I've owned a couple different home security cameras over the last decade, Swann wired and Arlo wireless. Use simple voice commands to activate camera features with Amazon Alexa™ and Google Assistant™. This top-of-the-line system includes our cutting-edge 8-channel 4K HD DVR with 8 bullet security cameras featuring 4K (8MP) HD resolution and a built-in microphone for listen-in audio functionality. In low light, the camera will switch to black and white. Default passwords were not clear on loading the PC Client. Obviously there is a lot of configuration to be done to use all the features available. Overall, I am pleased with the security camera quality as well as the support...once I could get them on the phone. Lorex Technology Inc. � 2007 - 2020. I purchased Lorex system back in September of 2018. I managed to run all of my cables direct and install all the cameras in sheltered locations (under the eaves or porch) to give them reasonable protection from the weather. Product performs as advertised. The FLIR app works great, as does Flir cloud. this is very good system easy to install very clear picture u can zoom even night time very clear i install it two days ago and i really like it .app also working very good .u can see live from anywhere on your phone. Purchased a set of 6 4k cameras and NVR from a big box store after we had someone walk deep into our property and past our MBR windows at 2am. Recording 8 cameras, two of them continuos, still haven't filled up the DVR yet. My biggest complaint is the 60 foot standard cable that comes with all camera manufacturers. 4. The cameras and the receiver seem to be very good hardware, installation instructions and hardware are also excellent, as well as the packaging. Lorex Technology Inc. � 2007 - 2020. Other than that, the camera system is great. He was right. General motion detection will still be available on all remaining channels. Your experience may vary depending one how your house is configured, and where you want your cameras. the manager).Thanks. Overall I'm Very Pleased with the camera quality view and the NVR system has had no glitches. For full details on Wi-Fi cameras compatibility and instructions, visit 4. Wow. This NVR brings your security camera system to the next level with an easy-to-use panic button located on the front of the recorder. The only suggestion that I might have would be to make the mouse wireless because I have the dvr hidden in a secure out-of-site location. Complements go to the help line. This is the worst most unreliable camera system you can possibly buy. This way we can ensure that your concern is brought to the correct people (i.e. I am a very happy customer. 265 compression isn't really supported because "the system can't really handle the extra processing". Great product , I have been using Lorex product for over 10 years now this is the best so far, Very pleased with the ordering process including the discount I found during my review of brands. It's best to get a friend to help. I purchased this system in Nov 2020 and installed it with the help of their Customer Support Team, and am quite satisfied at it's functionality. They come wrapped around nothing but air and you end up trying to untangle the mess every time. Since the beginning, I have had a problem with horizontal lines across the monitor. Studied different combinations of camers and WIFI versus BNC. Color night vision is great but when ambient light levels go down and it switches to black and white night vision it won't switch back to color night vision on its own if ambient night levels go up. I purchase 2 systems, 1 my house and 1 for my Daughter's house. 4k - can't beat. FlirCloud program is easy to use and setup. Pretty easy to set up once the wires are ran. This is the second LOREX system I have purchased or used. Not intended for submersion in water. This Lorex Security Camera system offers 8 Channel with 4 Outdoor 4K IP 8MP Metal Cameras, 2 Audio 4x Optical Zoom Cameras, 250FT Night Vision. The issue is that an ActiveX add-on to IE11 is needed which is no longer supported due to security issues. Good picture quality. Important motion events that are recorded can easily be found using the Smart Search feature, which organizes events by type (e.g. Motion detection is difficult figure out it seems to go from capturing trees blowing to not capturing people walking by. Setup was very easy, the NVR detected the cameras easy, configuring the cameras in about a minute or less. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams. The head unit is very noisy compared to other units I've had but its in an office so no big deal for me. 15% OFF NON-PROMOTIONAL ITEMS WITH CODE LOREX2021. Connecting to the network was a bit of a challenge. Recording has been solid, the quality is very good as it�s 4K, however do not expect to be able to infinitely zoom in on a vehicle plate and be able to read it (real life is not like CSI). I also liked that all cables where included in the package. I rate this system AAA +++. The LNB8111B will leave nothing to question. Bought it from Costco over a week ago. Product Specifications - LHV5100 Series HD 4K Security DVR - English; Manual - LHV5100 Series 4K Security DVR - English; ... Lorex HD Security Camera Compatibility MPX and HDIP; Downloads for LHV2000 Series DVR LHV21081T LHV21082T LHV22162T. 2 months ago I purchased a system for my business and now I just purchased my 2nd system for my home, amazing quality, easy to access from anywhere and very friendly to use, no complications at all. Highly recommend the product, you will not regret it. For example, the LED lights can be customized to always be on or triggered by motion. The increased detail is fabulous as is the night vision. My four exterior cameras have good night vision and my two cameras of the same type being used indoors can be a little hazy at times. The audio seems to pick up a lot of extra white noise for some reason. IT IS A GOOD EQUIPMENT AND THE PRICE IS VERY REASONABLE. This is my first time to deal with security systems. The system was easy to setup with POE and came "online" immediately. Highly recommended! The iPhone app "Flir Secure" worked well over local WiFi (LAN). Would be nice if the cable provided would have been a UV resistant type. * On purchases made directly from, End to End TLS Encryption, Intelligent Security. Not a big issue but you need to realise that a 3TB hard drive will not give you weeks of recording if you have 6 cameras recording continuously, I was getting around 3 days of recordings at 15fps and full 4K resolution. Thank you for your professionalism. Returned tv today with pre printed label that Lorex sent me. Overall the installation was straight forward. There were issues that needed to be worked out before I got it up and running. This product is great. It was really a bad investment. In regular nighttime conditions that are too dark for CNV to render full-color images, this camera will use it's infrared LEDs to record crisp black and white video footage up to 135ft (41m) away and up to 90ft (28m) in complete darkness. I researched a considerable number of systems, reading pros and cons, and from my own ownership of other brands over the years, including Night OWL I really was hoping to step up to a better system. Even the digital zoom is good. While this camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it has been especially designed to withstand the harsh impacts of nature. Wiring was the pain portion of the project. Best of all, I can understand the folks at customer support. With that resolution I should be able to read license plate one car coming in he drive way at 30', otherwise the 2k is not enough. Contacted customer service a few times regarding a price match and never waited longer than 3 minutes. Lorex should provide or make available 4K monitors or you have to use a 4K tv to get the full potential of the system. This security camera system was my very first. 4K (8MP) Analog HD cameras are required to take advantage of 4K recording. HEVC encoding will also save you plenty of bandwidth while watching live or recorded video remotely. I love the extended views courtesy of 88 degree FOV. Simply download the free app, scan the QR code on the NVR and your cameras will appear for you to monitor (or review footage). The nice thing about the hard wires system is that is is not dependent on wifi to do its job. Easy to install. If I didn't pay $650 to have it professionally installed and wired I would have sent it back a long time I just feel like I'm stuck with a horrible system that does a fraction of what was promised. All rights reserved. This 4K system was just as easy to install and configure as my first system but with the added benefit of 4K ultra HD cameras. I bought these 4K 8mp cameras on a friends recommendation. I�m hoping for updates/fixes soon. I hope this review has been helpful. E861AB-E This is a very popular system and we unfortunately underestimated the demand for it. Audio recording is disabled by default. Still have a lot to learn on the fine tuning part of the setup but the provided documentation and customer service is first rate. I have purchased many security and surveillance systems in the past and three of them being the Lorex system. Down one star due to HDMI issue. Lorex 4K Ultra HD Security System, HD Active Deterrence Wired Security Cameras w/Long Range Color Night Vision (6 Pack)- Includes 8-Channel NVR w/2 TB Storage Hard Drive. The price is reasonable for this type of system. The pictures are crystal clear. Everything that came with the system worked but that�s when I found that the 2 dome cameras did not work with this NVR, Amazon site said that these Lorex cameras would work with 4K NVRs but they didn�t so don�t make this mistake like I did go to Lorex site they have a compatibility page for each NVR, so I sent those back and ordered the compatible dome cameras for this NVR, so that was my first snag, had to wait for my other cameras so it took me a total of 3 weeks from the day I received the system and got everything working the way I wanted, my house is brick and wires were very hard to run and conceal, I found the easiest way to run the cat5 was to combine all 8 together to make a cable out of all of them using electrical tape about every foot for the first 50 feet and then tapped every 3 foot for the rest made easier to run from the cabinet to the attic without tangling any of the cat5 and once in the attic I removed the tape to run wire to each camera, sounds simple enough but its time consuming but well worth the extra effort for a nice clean job, my second snag once everything was installed was during my setup I found the display setting and it was set to 1080p and I thought wow how much clearer could this get because it�s super clear now set it to 4K and oops no picture and had no way to set it back, my tv is not 4K so I called support and I can�t remember her name but she helped me set up flir cloud client on my laptop to get in the system and set it back to 1080p and only took about 15 minutes so there support I must say is top notch and she was very polite. Cameras - Great! didn't have a chance yet to see if it should. Others have mentioned some issues with PoE cables and I have found that because cables were coiled so tight there are some possible broken wires near connectors. I tested a few systems before this one and it is the bet by far. All of my expectations were exceeded, and I could not be happier with these products. One final note to add. I love the 24 hour recording and getting events in real time is amazing! I was able to mount under roof eaves and hopefully it will last a long time. Loosen the screw liberally to fully be able to create any angle you want. setting up motion zones and email notifications with snap shots). James, I find this product is superior to Products I bought in the past has a lot more options picture is perfectly clear and technical support is very helpful I would recommend this system to any homeowner or a small business owner. The manual has to be downloaded, so don't expect to find a hard copy with the items. I looked at the totally wireless systems. Now I can use the security system on the device itself but also with similar functionality on my mac app via the local network or on my iphone remotely. SKU: 6254118. I did test all of the cameras in light and dark and they all work as advertised. This Lorex 4K cameras kit is fantastic for the price with superb 4K resolution video (15fps) for all channels. You will hear everything (ambient sounds, road noises and everything that may muffle some thing you may want to hear.) With Lorex's exclusive Color Night Vision™ you'll be able to see full color images in low-light conditions. I assembled on my kitchen table and pre-tested every camera before full installation. Standalone camera systems do not need the internet to operate. Optical quality is great. The hardware is nice but sad to say the software is where Flir/Lorex loses my confidence. The low light ability is superb. If you are going to place the NVR in a closet or seldom used room, then I would definitely recommend this system, but if you are planning on having it in any room where you would normally spend any considerable amount of time, in my case my security system is in my living room, I would not recommend this system as the noise coming from the fans of the NVR are overwhelming and overshadow every other sounds such as the tv or radio or stereo. The system is pretty easy to set up, and works well so far. The Rapid Recap is pretty cool, but I don't get a lot of activity to make it worth it. The 4K cameras are clear, crisp and I like the option of being able to zoom in on the picture. THIS is not intuitive. Manual - LHV2000 Series HD … When I first set up my new system, I could not get my monitor to work with it. I highly recommend this system. If you are looking to protect your home, small business or commercial property, this powerful security camera system will have you covered. I was very happy with the picture quality on the 4k but it was even better once I got mine up and was able to view it in multiple scenarios. It also has a durable, all-metal sheath for added protection. Bought this to replace my old system, easy to install, great picture, easy to use, love it! I'm not an electrician, and the only other option was to purchase an 8 in 1 plug through Lorex but as I explained to the tech person I didn't feel this would fix my problem either since it still on sent 12v down the line. Keep in mind to keep track of each camera and the channel you plug it into because once plugged into that cameras programmed for that channel so number your cat5s and cameras but if you mess a couple of cameras up with the wrong channel that camera and channel can be reset it just takes time to figure out how the NVR interface works. I love the 4K resolution as it gives excellent detail and great distance covering my entire driveway and backyard. 4K Ultra HD Resolution (4×1080p Full HD) 4K resolution offers four times the resolution of 1080p with approximately 4000 horizontal pixels, provides the maximum level of detail and clarity available. I bought a 6TB hard drive separately and plan to install it to increase my capacity to 8GB. The cameras are very easy to set up with the NVR system, once the system is up and running you will love the clarity of the camera's. Software was a little tricky, but once installed easy to use. While customization has a bit of a learning curve, the manual and online support features address pretty much any question one may have. Most not accommodating. Took me just a few minutes to find a video and was able to pull it off my NVR and send it to him. Product Specifications - N841 Fusion Series 4K Security NVR - English, Product Specifications - E891AB 4K Smart Deterrence IP Camera - English, Manual - N841 Fusion Series 4K Security NVR - English (HTML), Manual - N841 Fusion Series 4K Security NVR - English (PDF), Quick Setup Guide - N841 Series 4K Security NVR - English, Remote Access Guide - N841 Series 4K Security NVR - English, Quick Start Guide - E891AB Series 4K IP Smart Deterrence Security Camera - English, Manual - N841 Fusion Series 4K Security NVR - French (HTML), Manual - N841 Fusion Series 4K Security NVR - French (PDF), Quick Setup Guide - N841 Series 4K Security NVR - French, Remote Access Guide - N841 Series 4K Security NVR - French, Quick Start Guide - E891AB Series 4K IP Smart Deterrence Security Camera - French, Manual - N841 Fusion Series 4K Security NVR - Spanish (HTML), Manual - N841 Fusion Series 4K Security NVR - Spanish (PDF), Quick Setup Guide - N841 Series 4K Security NVR - Spanish, Remote Access Guide - N841 Series 4K Security NVR - Spanish, Quick Start Guide - E891AB Series 4K IP Smart Deterrence Security Camera - Spanish, Extension Cables for Lorex HD Security Camera Systems, Lorex HD Security Camera Compatibility Analog HD and HDIP, Record and view video in up to 4K (8MP) Ultra HD Resolution on all cameras, Digitally zoom in on distant objects for better clarity, Expand your security system with up to 8 IP cameras with built-in PoE ports, Pair your system with up to two Lorex Fusion™ compatible Wi-Fi products such as Wi-Fi cameras, Doorbells, Floodlights, and more, Allows for Wi-Fi cameras to record continuously, Back up continuous video from your Wi-Fi camera(s) to the recorder, Quickly access your live footage with simple voice commands (compatible with Alexa and Google), Control your Deterrence cameras features with your voice (compatible with Google Assistant only), Support for Smart Motion detection - Get notifications with the Lorex Home™ App when motion is detected from a person or vehicle, Use Smart Search to search through recorded footage and filter events for motion detected by a person or vehicle, Local built-in security-grade hard drive ensures only you can access your footage, Max 6TB storage space with no hidden monthly cloud fees, Heavy-duty hard drive designed for advanced processing and the workload of 24/7 monitoring, View video in 4K (8MP) resolution, providing the highest quality video evidence, Wide-angle 111° field of view offers optimal coverage, High Dynamic Range (HDR), automatically adjusts to changing light conditions to ensure consistent video quality, Reduce unnecessary alerts and false alarms with Smart Motion detection, Smart Motion distinguishes motion detected by either people or vehicles, limiting unnecessary alerts for things like falling leaves or animals, Take intruders by surprise and alert nearby neighbours with a remote-activated siren, Built-in mic and speaker allows you to listen and speak to visitors with 2-way talk, Operates in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C) and high as 122°F (50°C), Durable all-metal housing, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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